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2022 / Nettles

Development of Profiling Methods for Contraband Firearm Volatile Odor Signatures

2022 / Gallegos

 Headspace sampling of smokeless powder odor in a dynamic airflow context 

2022 / Aviles

The use of an intermittent schedule of reinforcement to evaluate detection dogs’ generalization from smokeless-powder

2021 / Dorman

Training with Multiple Structurally Related Odorants Fails to Improve Generalization of Ammonium Nitrate Detection in Domesticated Dogs (Canis familiaris)

2021 / DeGreeff

Headspace analysis of ammonium nitrate variants and the effects of differing vapor profiles on canine detection

2021 / DeGreeff

Canine olfactory detection of trained explosive and narcotic odors in mixtures using a Mixed Odor Delivery Device 

2021 / Vaughan

Comparative analysis of vapor profiles of fentalogs and illicit fentanyl

2019 / Simon

Variation in the headspace of bulk hexamethylene triperoxide diamine

(HMTD): Part II. Analysis of non-detonable canine training aids

2019 / Furton

The Ability of Narcotic Detection Canines to Detect Illegal Synthetic Cathinones (Bath Salts)

2017 / DeGreeff

Passive delivery of mixed explosives vapor from separated components

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