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Diseases, Wildlife, Electronics, & Other Detection 

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2016 / Angle

Canine detection of the Volatilome: a review of implications for pathogen and disease detection

2016 / Oldenburg

Wildlife detection dog training: a case study on achieving generalization between target odor variations while retaining specificity

2015 / Leigh

An assessment of the effects of habitat structure on the scat finding performance of a wildlife detection dog

2014 / Schoon

Using dogs to detect hidden corrosion

2014 / Schoon

Detecting corrosion under insulation using trained dogs: a novel approach

2013 / Braun

Wildlife Detector Dogs: A guideline on the training of dogs to detect wildlife in trade

2011 / Reed

Detection Distance and Environmental

Factors in Conservation Detection Dog Surveys

2008 / Cablk

Olfaction-based Detection Distance: A Quantitative Analysis of How Far Away Dogs Recognize Tortoise Odor and Follow It to Source


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