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Who We Are

Our Purpose / We coach public safety and volunteer professionals (the human end of the leash) to decode animal perceptions and responses to stimuli. Our progressive, research-based training translates theory into practice, empowering people to truly collaborate with their human and K9 partners. 

Our Culture

We are humbled by the power of working dogs and their capacity to transform lives: They restore justice, return our loved ones, and recover our fallen. They are our protectors and our companions.


We are driven by a passion for the language animals speak and a desire to develop research-driven strategies to interpret their perceptions and responses. We hail from multiple academic and public safety disciplines, all committed to transforming theory into practice. We engage in a collaborative exchange of working dog experiences, behavioral theory, and educational innovation.

Our History

K9Sensus originated as Paws of Life (PoL), a nonprofit organization established in 2003 that focused primarily on educating K9 handlers of search and rescue (SAR) dogs.

Our Founder

Robin Greubel has been involved in canine search and rescue since 2001, beginning in wilderness and human remains detection (HRD), which expanded into disaster work, and now detection work.


K9Sensus has taken great care in finding and vetting partners who share our vision, rigor, and commitment to science-based training that improves the skills and effectiveness of K9 teams.

Our Community

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