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The K9Sensus Difference

Focusing on the Human End of the Leash.

Only K9Sensus works solely on the technical skills of the trainer. While we do not mean to imply that other trainers aren’t good at what they do with the methods they have access to, K9Sensus is uniquely qualified to increase the efficiency and efficacy of trainers - making us all safer.

The Difference

By combining peer-reviewed academic behavioral research; on-the-ground experience in search and rescue, seizure, and recovery; and a desire to educate and coach trainers on how to best teach their K9 partners, K9Sensus can deliver an academically backed curricula that aids success in the field. Our work is inspired by and founded on the learning principles of BF Skinner PhD and Keller Breland and Marian Breland Bailey PhD whose groundbreaking work contributed both the scientific method and compassionate practice to the field of animal behavior.  Parvene Farhoody PhD is continuing their work and we are privileged to have her as a key collaborator and teacher.

Everyone in this industry has a passion for dogs. We have a passion to serve them by training trainers to understand their K9s’ perceptions and responses to stimuli.

“The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) recognizes that the dog training and behavior profession is a largely unregulated industry in the United States and much of the rest of the world. As a result, consumers are at risk of engaging service providers who have little to no legitimate education, training or experience in the field of dog training and behavior modification."

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