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2014 / Forbes

Effect of age and storage conditions on the volatile organic compound profile of blood

2013 / AAFS

Use of Canines to Detect Dried Human Blood and instrumental Methods for the Determination of Odor Profiles


2012 / DeGreeff

Creation of training aids for human remains detection canines utilizing a non-contact, dynamic airflow volatile concentration technique

2011 / Osterkamp

K9 Water Searches: Scent and Scent Transport Considerations

2009 / Hoffman

Characterization of the volatile organic compounds present in the headspace

of decomposing human remains

2009 / Komar

The Use of Cadaver Dogs in Locating Scattered, Scavenged Human Remains: Preliminary Field Test Results


Refloat Formulas

The Formulas and Statistics of the Decomposition Status and Factors that Influence Submerged Bodies