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Influencing Your Circus

Imagine working with someone who does not speak the same language as you, but has their own agenda.  Most of us work with people like this on a daily basis! 


In this session, Robin will share ideas for advancing relationships and your agenda which she learned training working dogs, and their humans, to do a life and death job.  Join Robin as she shares skills honed on Labrador Retrievers, Dutch Shepherds, as well as executives, coworkers and faculty at Tier 1 universities.


Take Aways

How to identify a reinforcer

Creating a positive and engaged work environment

Harnessing the power of positive reinforcement

The dead man test

 Superpowers not required


We all seem to be trying to fit more activities into a smaller amount of time. It seems like we need to have superpowers to meet other expectations and achieve our own desires. I focus on looking within to identify, position and amplify the power and talents you have without the need for super speed, vision or strength.  

Sharing practical application of behavior technology, a few life hacks and lessons I learned through dog training, farming and navigating the corporate jungle, this session is way to refresh your perspectives.  


Take Aways

The art of (not) setting stretch goals 

Setting yourself up to succeed

Harnessing the power of positive reinforcement

The power of a game of darts

Finding Your Secret Identity

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a common question we ask children. Often, we find ourselves in situations where we have to reinvent who we are and what we do. Reinventing yourself takes a lot of hard work, is often done under protest and requires time.  What would happen if we focused on the problem we wanted to solve and how our unique talents could be applied?

Together we walk through some of the most difficult questions required to find your secret identity, understand how to rest, and recognize when your inner superpowers are under attack.  


Take Aways

Discover what you want to be, do or have

Finding your Fortress of Solitude

Recognize when you are under attack from internal villains

Use of behavior technology to find your secret identity

These topics are ideal for keynotes and can be adjusted for breakouts, lunch and learns or team training.

As your partner, I work with you to determine the appropriate engagement that will prove most valuable, then tailor the offering to address your unique goals and challenges. I meet you where you are, assist in defining where you need to be, and provide a safe and positive experience for all. Whether it is a lunch and learn, a focus session or a multi day training, we work together to determine the ideal outcome.

Common Topics

  • Giving and Receiving the Gift of Feedback

  • The Art of Professional Persistence

  • The Science of Relationship Management

  • Coaching/Mentoring and Management

  • Fostering effective communication between business functions

  • Translating across industry and academia

I work with individuals, corporations and universities to provide coaching and training for their workforce. Through small group sessions, one on one coaching and targeted engagements, we work together to create a safe, encouraging and engaged workforce.  

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