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Includes complete sets of illustrations for exteriors, valley winds, and vehicles. 


Odor/Scent movement illustrations for exterior environments, this is the foundation concepts for odor/scent dispersal. We've added descriptors on each of the seven illustrations, updated a few with overhead views. You recieve illustrations for coning, looping, fanning, eddying, fumigating, lofting and the chimney effect. File formats are in high resolution .jpg and .pdf. 

Exteriors pack includes:

  • .jpg and .pdf versions of all illustrations
  • 18' x 24' printable poster in .jpg and .pdf
  • Standard and wide screen .ppt files with intructors notes and learning objectives 


Vehicles Pack

Here is what you need to teach students about how odor/scent may present in different types of vehicles. Included are detailed illustrations of a car, box truck and cargo van. 

  • Poster versions of all three series
  • .pdf and .jpg of all illustrations
  • Corresponding videos that match the illustrations provided
  • .ppt with illustrations and video links that you can customize with your branding
  • Hand outs for students to color where they think odor will present
  • Two bonus videos of an SUV and Conex box


Valley Winds

  • .jpg compilation with descriptions of each graphic
  • 18" x 20" Poster (.pdf)
  • Individual color graphics of 8 pictures


This is a digital download in a zip file. 

Instructor Illustration Pack - Exterior, Valley Winds, & Vehicles

SKU: Instructor Pack - Vehicles/Exteriors
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