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Two Week Access to four hours of material

Search Strategy for Large Areas

This four part webinar covers the basics of search strategy development in exterior environments for canine detection teams. Understanding how to develop, adapt and document your search helps inform command so better planning can take place.

Search Strategy for Large Areas
Search Strategy for Large Areas

Time & Location

On Demand

Two Week Access to four hours of material

About the event

This four part webinar will discuss the foundational concepts of search strategy in exterior environments. We will discuss the following:

Topics Covered:

  • The different types of search strategies, when they should be used and how they can be combined most effectively
  • The affect of microclimates, terrain, and time of day have on search strategy
  • What factors you should consider when developing probability of detection and how to use the information to search to a probability of detection if it is dictated by Incident Command
  • A step by step process for developing a search strategy
  • Strategies for searching smaller areas (< 2 acres), vehicles and interiors.

Instructors / Robin Greubel MCRP, MBA, ACC

Type Of Class / Online 

Prereqs / Highly recommend Scent Theory Fundamentals


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