Our Training Environments

Preparing Our K9 Heros To Succeed In The Field

We entrust our lives to dogs – and they entrust theirs to us. We must provide learning environments that prepare them to become heroes in the field.

Replicating Real World Situations

K9Sensus scouts top-notch training environments with terrains that challenge trainers and replicate real-world situations. Our locations enable trainers to understand how their K9s perceive all potential stimuli, expand their technical expertise, and provide a safe and supportive learning atmosphere for both trainer and K9.

Above all, we create learning environments that respect the animal’s experience and skill sets, and pay meticulous attention to meeting them at their levels and developing their learning incrementally.

K9Sensus Headquarters

54254 150th Avenue

Lucas, IA 50151

O / 515.233.1186

E / info@k9sensus.org

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