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Behavior Tech Courses

Advancing our student’s understanding

of the science of behavior.

Methodology Statement / All Behavior Tech Courses offered by K9Sensus are designed to advance the student’s understanding of the

science of behavior, and to provide the practical skills they’ll need to be successful in the field.   

The Behavior Technology Courses will not only advance a student’s understanding of the science of behavior; they will emphasize the application of the science. The BehavTech Courses’scientific principles are recognized in the field of experimental behavior analysis. The application of the science of experimental behavior analysis (i.e., its technology) is called applied behavior analysis. Behavioral Technology Course content – including lectures, hands-on training, and discussion – take an objective, scientific method approach (cause and effect) to the analysis of behavior rather than an anecdotal or subjective approach.

The aim of the Behavioral Technology course series is to 1) provide educational material that challenges the student’s preconceptions about learning and offer a more comprehensive picture of learning processes and 2) to immerse the student in an environment that requires the student apply theoretical knowledge effectively. 

K9Sensus is not a certifying or evaluating agency; however, we firmly believe that rigorous testing legitimizes and holds training to a high standard. We strongly encourage certification of all K9 resources to meet or exceed national standards, and hold our educational programs to those same standards.




Meet Your Instructor

Parvene Farhoody

Parvene Farhoody holds a PhD in Learning Processes and Behavior Analysis from an Association of Behavior Analysis International (ABAI)-approved behavior analysis program at Queens College in New York City. She has also been a trainer and behavior consultant for multiple species for 26 years through her organization, Behavior Matters, Inc., also based in New York City.




• Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers – Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA; former president; former chairperson of the exam committee; ) 

• International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants – Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) 

• Association for Behavior Analysis International (member)

• Animal Behavior Society (member) 

• Animal Behavior Management Alliance (member)

Dr. Farhoody has taught in the public and private school systems (K–12) and has served as an Adjunct Professor at Queens College, teaching classes in experimental behavior analysis and the application of behavior analysis in animal training. In addition, she has conducted numerous seminars and workshops in the United States and Europe designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching across species. Her work has always concentrated on bridging the gap between the work conducted in an experimental laboratory setting (the lab) and the applied work that is conducted in real-world situations (the field).


Since 2004, when Dr. Farhoody was first introduced to and inspired by the work of Keller and Marian Breland, she has been working with chickens in a way that directly follows the Brelands’ procedures. In 2012, after several years of continuous study, she began teaching others a combination of the applied work taught by the Brelands (how) and her own curriculum, which is committed to explaining the Brelands’ work and how it derived from the experimental analysis of behavior (why).


Since 2012, she has included chickens as a behavior model for teaching scientific principles and improving trainers’ technical skills in approximately half of the U.S. and European workshops in which she taught.

"I’ve worked with K9Sensus in various canine search disciplines over the ten years I’ve been involved with them, especially in the disaster arena. The organization is knowledgeable and generous with their knowledge. They are driven and hardworking. They are honorable and straightforward dog handlers, trainers, and instructors – and excellent communicators.

Most of all, they have a passion for working dogs."

Teresa McPherson,

Virginia Task Force One

Virginia Search & Rescue Dog Association

Behavior Tech Courses

Behavioral Tech Courses

  • Behavior Technology 103: Setting and Shifting Criteria:
    Wed, Oct 17
    Avenue of the Saints Amphitheater
    Oct 17, 2018, 6:00 AM – Oct 21, 2018, 6:00 PM
    Avenue of the Saints Amphitheater, 3357 St Charles Rd, St Charles, IA 50240, USA
    This Behavior Technology Course is all about this elusive, but indispensable, friend, criteria.
  • Behavior Technology 102: Stimulus Control
    Wed, Oct 10
    Avenue of the Saints Amphitheater
    Oct 10, 2018, 6:00 AM – Oct 14, 2018, 6:00 PM
    Avenue of the Saints Amphitheater, 3357 St Charles Rd, St Charles, IA 50240, USA
    After discrimination and generalization, the student has a better understanding of the most basic learning processes and is ready to explore how a discriminated stimulus comes to control a particular behavior.
  • Behavioral Technology 101: Stimulus Discrimination and Generalization
    Oct 03, 2018, 7:00 AM – Oct 07, 2018, 6:00 PM
    Avenue of the Saints Amphitheater, 3357 St Charles Rd, St Charles, IA 50240, USA
    How does an animal learn to distinguish one thing from another? Discrimination is the first principle of learning.
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